Nairobi Forest Horse Rides – Experience Kenya’s Natural Beauty on a Horseback Trail Ride

Malo Stables Horse Riding Nairobi



Rides at the foot of the Ngong Hills and in the forest around:

Non Residents $70 per hour at current rate
EA Residents Ksh 6,550 per hour … 2 hr rides or more only. Min. 4 riders. You can of course ask for a shorter ride, however, you will need to pay for min. 2hrs

We request a 50% deposit to secure your ride – it can be paid via Mpesa, bank transfer or dropped off in cash.

Pre-paid packages of 10 hrs in forest Ksh 60,500.

Rides at the foot of – and around, the famous Ngong Hills

Our Forest & Trail Rides take place in the Dagoretti forest at the foot of the famous Ngong Hills.

The routes vary according to ability of the riders and the season. There a great opportunity for long trots and canters, when the footing allows. Our guides set the pace, as they know the forest and footing by heart. Dry and rainy seasons evidently changes the footing. The forest is full of life especially on the weekends. We pass Masai herders grazing their livestock, kids playing and mamas collecting firewood. We often pass through a village to enter a beautiful open plain made for a good canter – if the footing allows.

Wildlife is sparse; however, we do run into Dik-dik, rarely Reedbuck and always find the divots and dens dug by the bush pigs that are nocturnal and extremely shy. Thrilling beyond, we had elephant passing through the forest recently.
We always take you with at least two guides to help. Very novice riders might be on a lead rope lead by a guide. Our guide ride with a first aid box in the saddlebag and every six month we have a professional first aid trainer teaching MALO staff.

You will meet either David – daily operations manager, Loki, Kiarie, Solomon, Kunywa, Simon, Gerald, or Henry when you come to the yard to fit helmet, sign indemnity and pay the difference. Either two of them will be waiting at the edge of the forest with the horses we have chosen for you to ride. You will have to share your weight, height and experience with us in order to match you to a horse.


Champagne breakfast in the 1910 colonial house & home of MALO stables

Nairobi Breakfast Horseback Rides  starts 8 or 9 am, one hour of horse riding in the forest and returning to traditional Danish pancakes, eggs Benedict, Greek yogurt with honey & fruit in the Karen Blixen 1910 house @ 9.30 or 10.30 am. A true colonial, Art Deco silverware breakfast set up on the veranda in our private home. Only for groups of 4 or more at 275 usd per person.

Nairobi Sundowner Horseback Rides include an hour of horse riding in the forest then returning to stable for tapas and a variety of optional drinks (Sparkling, gin & tonic or beer/sodas).We gather under the big Bombax tree in our yard to enjoy our bitings – lounging on pillow clad wooden benches with Shuka blankets to fend of the cool of  the night. The horses are fed whilst we eat and our kerosene lamps keep the atmosphere as sun sets – 150 usd per person. Only for 4 riders or more.

Rides around the property – for the less experienced – We also offer a mini version of the forest ride for the less experienced rider, who is not yet able to control a horse himself or herself. Our grooms and guides will lead your around our property, which has a lovely trail and a small lake. There will always be a horseman holding on to your horse so you can enjoy the ride with no worry.

30 min ride around the property with individual guide: Khs 4,950 and kids 5 and under: Khs 2,750

Nairobi Picnic Horseback Rides – only upon request and for a group of 6 riders or more.

Breakfast Rides

  • Horse rides starts 8 or 9am, one hour ride in the Nairobi forest returning for a classic ‘Art Nouveau silverware breakfast’ in our private home – just above the stables. A house build in 1910, then the direct neighboring property to Karen Blixen’s. Eggs Benedict or Florentine, Crêpes Suzette, Greek yogurt w honey & fruit in the spirit of the Blixen era.
  • $275 USD
    per person*
    *Minimum 4 pax.

Sundowner Rides

  • Rides start 4pm for an hour, finishing at the foot of our magnificent Bombax tree in our yard. We have Shuka’s to wrap yourself in as night falls. Flickering lanterns will add to the atmosphere the horses provide as they settle for the night rustling in their stables around us. Sundowners of your choice – wine, beer, and G&T’s. We serve a selection of tapas, savory banana or cassava crisps, feta & watermelon skewers, honey glazed chipolatas or chicken wings. Vegetarian or vegan – talk to us, we will make a plan that suits.
  • $150 USD
    per person
    *Minimum 4 pax.

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