Lessons & Instructions

Lessons for beginners to advanced riders in Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross country:

For riders who would like to develop skills we have professional instructions as follow:

Tonto Jumping

Before the lessons below you will be on the horse warming up in walk for 10-15 min. Advanced riders will warm up in all 3 paces.

  • 30 min individual lesson, balance work on lunge: Ksh 5,450
  • 30 min individual lesson by Anja or Pro Trainer: Ksh 7,200
  • 30 min individual lesson by Anja or Pro Trainer on own horse: Ksh 3,850
  • 30 min ride around property with individual guide: Khs 5,450- kids 5 and under: Khs 3,000
  • Pre-paid package of 10 lessons with Pro trainer Ksh 66,000
  • Pre-paid packages of 10 beginner lunge & balance lessons Ksh 48,500
  • Pre-paid packages of 10 for kids 5 and under Ksh 27,500

We are open every day, holidays incl. 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

We are not a traditional horse riding school, as we only offer individual instruction for both beginners and advanced riders.
However, we take beginners on a quiet walk in groups and offer lunge (balance) lessons for starters.
For the more experienced riders we have a 22 jump cross country course, 60×30 all weather sand arena and a variety of show jumps.

All our horses are competing at – for Kenya, high level and get schooled by us between clients to do so. Clients can compete on our horses once we assess the riders’ skills are at the level to manage.

If you consider regular riding we have great discounts for payments of 10 hours of lessons up front.

  1. 48,500 kes for 10 individual lessons by standard trainer in basic skills
  2. 66,000 kes for 10 lessons with Anja or pro trainer for advanced techniques in dressage, show jumping and eventing.
  3. 100,000 kes for 10 hrs in the forest.

Professional Training

We offer professional training on highly educated horses all competing and placing in national shows. We teach proper techniques in the discipline of dressage, show jumping and eventing.

The lessons are mainly one-on-one – especially dressage, jumping and eventing we run small groups of 2-3 riders. See prices above
– Lesson with pro trainer on own horse is 3,850 kes incl arena fee.

We only have high-level instruction on offer.

Katja is a returning resident trainer since 2014 and holds 4 Danish gold medals, 2 Nordic – & 4 silver medals in three phase eventing (Dressage, Show jumping, Cross Country).
Therese, Camilla, Anette, Nynne have respectively won Danish Championships in dressage, European Championships for Arabs, competing internationally in Eventing and a variety of teaching experience in various disciplines.
For balance work and basic skills, our Kenyan instructors are excellent. We run a strict weekly training program – teaching all instructors in handling horses, lunging, riding, teaching and competing.
They have won, and placed in the grooms classes at shows many times. Several have years of experience from various local riding schools in Nairobi.

MALO Staff & Training

MALO staff receives regular training in riding instruction, equine medical care and First Aid. Every 6 months Moses a professional nurse and first aider comes for the day to MALO and teaches all staff.
BHS (British Horse Society) trainer, Monica Campori, trained MALO staf bi-weekly for 8 months in horse management. She is still training our staff regularly.
Danish Veterinarian Anne Vedel Christoffersen, trained MALO staff in checking and treating minor injuries, injecting and bandaging correctly. For two years Danish Farrier, Søren Høper, worked with and trained our stable manager and farrier, Boni Isindu and taught our grooms in hoof care.

Anja has been trained by – and participated in numerous clinics with:

  • Olympic Dressage Judge Maria Colliander,
  • American pro trainer & Grand Prix rider Kelly McGinnis
  • South African International dressage judge & pro coach Caroline Potts,
  • South African Team trainer and former National Team rider Nathalie Hobday,
  • Danish Pro rider & Trainer and former National Team rider Michael Søgaard,
  • Danish Pro trainer and former National Team rider Hasse Hoffmann
  • Swedish pro trainer and former National Team rider Nina Bengtson,
  • Swedish Eventing trainer and European Championship Gold winner Lars Christensson
  • British trainer and form coach for British Eventing Team, Charlie Lane
  • Dutch Professional rider & trainer and former National Team rider Maud Arts,
  • Irish FEI Coach Susan Macken
  • French FEI coach Kathy Amos-Jacob
  • Portuguese pro trainer and former Olympic rider Jorge Pereira, trained by Kyra Kyrklund

Beginner Lessons

Learning to ride from scratch is also an option. We also only do one-on-one as we start with lunge lessons, where the horse is controlled by the instructor on a long rope (the lunge) so the rider is free to concentrate on seat and balance which is the most important skill to get established before taking the reins.

Lunge lesson with trainer is 5,450 kes / 4,850 kes if 10 lessons paid in advance, clinics and courses.
We run clinics – courses, with professionals from abroad as often as possible. Kenya is, however, far from the epicentre of the sport, which is Europe and North America; hence, it is difficult and costly to organize regularly.

Contact us to ask when the next one is. Our regular riders have priority, however you are always welcome to come and watch. Or become a ‘regular’ 😉

We have had the fortune to host:

  • Maria Colliander, Finish Olympic Judge, Dressage
  • Charlie Lane, former chef d’equipe for the British Eventing team
  • Mimi Eggert Hansen, Danish A judge, Dressage
  • Lars Christianson, former team coach for Swedish eventing team
  • Kelly McGinnis, US Grand Prix rider and Dressage coach

And various other extraordinary talents passing through on vacation helping in the arena.

MALO Shows

We also organize shows for our regular riders and – depending on numbers, invite riders in the Nairobi horse community to join. These shows teach MALO riders how to participate in shows and give the confidence to venture on to the shows offered by Horse Association of Kenya. All staff at MALO have many years show experience. We organize proper judges and have our own MALO rosettes.

Pony Camps

On school holidays we occasionally organize a 3-4 day pony camp.

Many children come with their own pony, however there is of course the option of riding ours, though we only have a few ponies most of our steeds are horses.

The children bring tents and stay in our garden the entire camp. They are taught to look after their horse themselves, feed, grooming and
tack. Ride morning and evening and have lessons in between in welfare, health, upkeep, equipment, rules and techniques (theory)… we do quizzes and watch films. Have Bonfires and play games … normally a hoot 🙂

We wrap up the pony camp with a small show.